Saturday, May 15, 2010

No news about the people who mixed poison to Dandugam Oya

Hundreds of thousands fish died in Dandugam Oya on the 7th of May probably due to a water poisoning. Yet, the reason behind this water poisoning has not yet been elicited.

This Oya is named as Atthanagalu Oya at its starting point. After it passes Kotugoda in Ja Ela area it is named as Dandugam Oya. It ends in the lagoon at Negombo. Even though the deaths of fish had been reported before from the same location, the residents of the area say that this is the first time that such large number reported. The residents say that some chemical is mixed to the water way by a factory situated at Seeduwa.

A kilogram of Korali fish, which was around 200 rupees a week ago, became just 50 rupees on last Friday. Yet, the residents didn’t want to buy fish as they knew the reason behind the decrease of the prices. They also avoided bathing in the oya.

However, still there is no idea about what the chemical mixed to the oya and what are its impacts. Yet, the environmentalists show that it can be mixed to the lagoon of Negombo affecting in a devastating manner to the aquatic environment in the area.

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